Episode 6

Episode 6: Of Bananas and Coconuts


"The thing about being Asian American to me is, it's not always — I have these two identities and I'm in a crisis. Someone will say something or something will happen and then that's when it starts to feel shitty or confusing."

This week, we chatted with Preetisha Sen, an analyst at Nielsen, about religion, how to deal with casual racism, her relationship with her parents and extended family, and cultural confusion (hint: we're all just a bunch of coconuts and bananas). She shares her Hella Indian habit of running on IST (Indian Standard Time). You can find Preetisha on Twitter!

On Can We Not? we dissect the viral video of kids crashing their dad's BBC interview and discuss why it's problematic to assume that the Asian woman in the video is the nanny (when she is, in fact, their mother).