Episode 15

Episode 15: Swipe Right if 大方 (Da Fang)


This week, we talked with Lulu Cheng, a product manager at Pinterest. She shares her favorite Asian superstitions around numbers, gift giving, fan death, and more. We dive into the ways in which language and culture are inextricably linked and how language helps define culture – for example, Chinese words that have no real English equivalent like 大方 (Da Fang). She shares her own motivations and progress in learning to speak Chinese with the help of Harry Potter. We touch on the various stereotypes surrounding Asian women as well as her personal experiences with defying others' (stereotypical) expectations. Lulu also discusses her experience with mental health, and how she's found a way to talk to her parents about the topic. On Hella Asian, Lulu shares her favorite part of a meal. Hint: it involves collagen.

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