Episode 14

Episode 14: Being Brown in America, the Internet, and Love


This week, we talked with Ankur Thakkar, head of content at Bumpers. He traces how the internet has helped him get to where he is now, particularly as it relates to creative online communities, creating voice on social media, and experimenting with new storytelling formats. He shares some highlights from his time working at Vine and its role in democratizing video creation, and we discuss the tricky issues of credit and ownership when it comes to viral words and memes. We also dive into the different waves of Asian American literature and the makings of a modern storyteller. Ankur also tells us about his first novel, including the Tinder-esque qualities of finding an agent to get it published. On Hella Asian, Ankur shares three unique habits.

You can find Ankur on Twitter, Bumpers, and follow his work on his personal website!

Show notes