Episode 12

Episode 12: Indomie, Indo-us


This week, we chatted with Amy Wibowo, founder and CEO of BubbleSort Zines, a monthly zine series illustrating computer science principles. We dive into the importance of decolonizing STEM education and teaching STEM in combination with the arts and humanities, and how BubbleSort Zines bridges these gaps. Amy talks about her Indonesian American identity and trying to find a home between both cultures, eventually creating her own through her connections to language and food. Amy discusses life as a CEO, femininity and her personal style, her approach to social media, and explores the ultimate feminist snack (endorsed by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie!): indomie. On Hella Asian, Amy reveals her close relationship with her house slippers.

You can find Amy on Twitter, Medium, and Instagram, and buy zines, pins, and more at BubbleSort Zines!