Episode 11

Episode 11: Dumb, Evil, or Both?


This week, we sat down with Anil Dash, CEO of FogCreek Software, entrepreneur, activist and writer. We discuss his reckoning with Indian culture, his Indian American identity, and technology, as well as his ongoing efforts to make the tech industry more humane and ethical. Anil also talks about raising his son and the role of technology in his family across generations. He dives into how progress happens, the OG blogosphere, the importance of technical literacy and accessibility, and the difference between people doing good versus simply wanting to be seen as good — ignorance is no longer an excuse for unethical behavior. On Hella Asian, Anil talks about a relationship that is "central" to how he expresses himself. We also debut a new game segment called Appropriation or Appreciation? where Katie brings a personal fashion conundrum to debate.

You can find Anil on Twitter, Medium, and follow his work on his personal website!

Show notes