Episode 10

Episode 10: Power and Poké: Authenticity and Gentrification of Asian Food


This week, we chatted with Sonia Chopra, the managing editor of Eater, a publication that covers food news, restaurants, and dining across the country. Sonia shares how she got started in food journalism and how she helps shape Eater's approach to covering food and the many societal dimensions it touches. We discuss food, appropriation, and gentrification with her, particularly as it relates to the dining industry, Asian and other ethnic food trends (think poké, ramen, matcha), culture, and authenticity. Sonia also recommends some of her favorite New York restaurants, and pops in to discuss her Hella Asian party behavior.

You can find Sonia on Twitter, Eater, and Instagram, and subscribe to her newsletter about ~desi things~ called Namaslay!