A preview of Sweet and Sour, a podcast exploring different facets of the Asian American experience.

Episode 1: The Contradictions of Being Asian American

For our first episode, katie and Nicole discuss their Chinese to American ratio with their parents, Jiming and Li, who also shared their perspective on raising kids in America. katie and Nicole discuss the contradictions of being Asian American, both as a model minority and persistent other. The Book and Essay Club kicks off with Erika Lee's "The Making of Asian America." On Hella Asian, Nicole investigates the ubiquity of the Danish cookie tins.

Episode 2: Swintoning

This week, katie and Nicole dive into diversity in Hollywood, centered on a discussion of Margaret Cho and Tilda Swinton’s quest for racial absolution. On the new Can We Not segment: Rappers who only shout out Asian women with references to Chinese takeout... can we not? And you'll hear some tips and tricks about food storage on Hella Asian.

Episode 3: Exploring Culture Through Art

On this week's episode, Felicia Liang joins us for a conversation on art, culture, and everything in between. We talk about her #100daysians project, her creative process, and what's next. On Hella Asian, Felicia flexes her abacus skills and we bond over the shared burden of weekend Chinese school. Can We Not Steve Harvey? katie and Nicole dive into the TV personality's offensive remarks about Asian American men.

Episode 4: The Casual Racialization of Popchips

This week, we hang out with Priya Krishnakumar, a visual journalist at the LA Times. We talk to Priya about her overachieving parents, her insecurities as an Indian American, and she gives us her take on the state of South Asians in Hollywood. We also swoon over Dev Patel and roast Ashton Kutcher for racializing Popchips. On Hella Asian, Priya recounts the power of a ganesha doll in exterminating pests. On IRL, Nicole recaps a panel on the Asian American community's needs in the time of Trump. ScarJo... Can We Not?

Episode 5: You Need Less Face

Elise Hu joins us this week as Sweet and Sour's first foreign correspondent. Elise works for NPR and is based in Seoul. We talk to her about gender stereotypes in Korea and Japan, discuss Asian fetish and its ~consequences~, and what it's like to raise biracial kids in the time of Trump. On Hella Asian, Elise shares her love of Asian convenience stores.

Episode 6: Of Bananas and Coconuts

Preetisha Sen joins us on the pod this week, a proud coconut—brown on the outside, white on the inside. Preetisha talks to us about growing up Indian American, why being Asian American doesn't mean she's always in a constant identity crisis, and how she thinks about religion through her experiences with Hinduism and Christianity. She also shares a Hella Indian story about her family on this week's Hella Asian. Plus: Can We Not... always assume the Asian woman is the nanny? kthx.

Episode 7: The Origins of the Model Minority Myth

Ellen Wu joins us this week to discuss her book, "The Color of Success: Asian Americans and the Origins of the Model Minority." Ellen breaks down Asian American history from the 1920s onward, analyzing the contradiction of the model minority myth being rooted in both inclusion and exclusion. We dive into race-making, geopolitical dimensions of Asian American identity, and the effect of the model minority on other groups such as Blacks, Latinx, South Asian and Southeast Asians. Ellen also unpacks the role that Asian American communities played in the formation of their own stereotypes.

Episode 8: Eat Bitter

Jason Shen joins us this week to discuss the Asian American Man Study, an annual survey of the experiences and perspectives of American men of East, Southeast, and South Asian descent. Jason breaks down the 2016 results, discussing demographics, race and identity, stereotypes, media, dating, politics, and religion. We also chat about his views on masculinity as an Asian American man. On Hella Asian, Jason brings up an hot button issue: shoe-free households.

Episode 9: Creating Spaces for Women of Color in Tech

We chat with Kaitlin Gu, a software engineer at Google and the cofounder of Flawless Hacks, an annual Beyoncé-themed hackathon for women by women. Kaitlin shares her experience as an Asian woman in technology and tells us about how Flawless Hacks started. We discuss her passion for education and how she's shaped Flawless Hacks to be a collaborative, non-competitive space for women in technology. On Hella Asian, we swap dating expectations our Asian parents have for us.

Episode 10: Power and Poké: Authenticity and Gentrification of Asian Food

Sonia Chopra, the managing editor of, joins us this week to discuss Asian food trends and how certain foods reach the mainstream, who gets to be an authority on ethnic cuisine, and the importance of authenticity in popularizing food that isn’t yours. Why hasn’t Indian food enjoyed the same success and popularity like ramen or matcha? She also dives into Eater’s approach to covering food and its intersections with other aspects of society in diverse and holistic ways. We chat briefly about self-care and the p-word, and Sonia tells us what she does that’s Hella Asian.

Episode 11: Dumb, Evil, or Both?

Anil Dash, CEO of FogCreek Software, entrepreneur, activist and writer, joins us on the show to discuss his Indian American identity and how he’s working to make the industry more humane and ethical. Anil talks about raising his son and the role of technology in his family across generations. He dives into how progress happens and the difference between people doing good versus simply wanting to be seen as good. Anil also pops by our Hella Asian segment and prepare yourselves: it’s a juicy one. We also debut a new game segment this week: Appropriation or Appreciation? katie has a personal kimono conundrum.

Episode 12: Indomie, Indo-us

Amy Wibowo joins us this week to chat art, science and everything in between. As founder and CEO of BubbleSort Zines, a monthly zine series illustrating computer science principles, she shares her work to decolonize STEM education and the importance of connecting science with the humanities. She talks about trying to find a home in the US and Indonesia, eventually creating her own. Amy discusses femininity, her approach to social media, and does a deep dive on the ultimate feminist snack: indomie. On Hella Asian, Amy reveals her relationship with her house slippers.

Episode 13: Jū-Ni Dreams of Sushi

Geoffrey Lee, executive chef and partner at Jū-Ni, takes us behind the scenes of his Michelin star omakase sushi restaurant in San Francisco. We discuss his experience as a Chinese American sushi chef and what it was like to receive a Michelin star. On Hella Asian, Geoffrey reflects on his subversive and traditional Asian tendencies. And tune into IRL where Nicole walks us through a tour of the Museum of Chinese in America.

Episode 14: Being Brown in America, the Internet, and Love

Ankur Thakkar, head of content at Bumpers, tells us how the internet has helped him get to where he is now. We discussed his time at Vine and its role in democratizing video creation. We also dive into the different waves of Asian American literature, and Ankur tells us about his first novel. On Hella Asian, Ankur shares three unique habits.

Episode 15: Swipe Right if 大方 (Da Fang)

Lulu Cheng, product manager at Pinterest, talks with us about Chinese superstitions around numbers, gift giving, fan death, and more. She dives into how language defines culture – for example, Chinese words that have no real English equivalent. She shares her own progress in learning to speak Chinese with the help of Harry Potter, and we also discuss Lulu’s experience with mental health. On Hella Asian, Lulu shares her favorite part of a meal. Hint: it involves collagen.

Episode 16: Mixed within my Mixedness

Kelsey Cheng, a potter based in Chicago, talks with us about running a woman-owned business and her side hustle balance. She outlines how her craft and creativity has evolved, and how things like community and social media have influenced her process. She also discusses the ways in which her perspective on her mixed identity have changed over time. On Hella Asian, Kelsey gives us a crash course in bed feng shui.